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Brand Story

Listen to your heart!

Sharing our little story here! 

For those of you that don’t know us, we are a Boston native and moved to North Carolina in 2013. 

I’m a seasoned IT Management Consultant by profession and during my career, I have had the opportunity to work at several reputed investment banking firms across the USA.

My husband Mike owns a very successful IT consulting business and is also my Salon business partner and ensures we have seamless operations and that all of our guests have the best experience from check-in to check-out. He is my rock and an amazing human being and an extremely positive person and has always encouraged and supported me in everything I’ve wanted to do. He is so much fun to be around.

Also, I must Thank our son, Aarush who supports us tremendously while we are building our brand. I am very thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful and supportive family. I don’t think that I can keep my Full Time IT career, Interior design business and also the Salon business all at the same time without their extreme support.

I’ve always admired the effortlessly stylish and fashionable allure of Boston. Upon relocating to Cary in 2013, and along the way, I have designed many well known restaurants like “Urban Angeethi“, “Nazara” in Cary, “Lime & Lemon” in Durham,  and many different estate homes in the area and still continuing to design many more upscale projects.

I am also a L’Oréal certified Hair Colorist from India. It was my dream to open a Luxury Salon & Spa in the area and we decided to create a very beautiful and modern Salon & Spa which is “TRULY” luxury in every aspect. 

Growing up I always had interest in Makeup, Fashion, Hair & Beauty and I started practicing by doing my Mom’s haircut first, then my Aunts, some neighbors and some friends and it became a hobby for me. 

Passion for the beauty industry was always there but it had taken a backseat with my Full Time IT career. Back in October, 2019 I had met one of my friends, who had encouraged me to open a Salon & Spa. Don’t know why I listened to her words so seriously. Something had sparked inside me that day as if the Universe was pushing me in this direction, could be my deceased parents and I was on the hunt for an amazing location for our first Salon & Spa the next day. 

After talking to a few Landlords, we learned that we would need a business plan in place along with the design renderings for a futuristic space, all the financial analysis etc. This was all new to us and we immediately started working on it and got all of it done in a week’s time as all Landlords asked to see it before once we could move forward in the process. We wanted to create a very beautiful & a luxury Salon out of a vanilla shell space and bring my Interior design skills to practice. 

Talked to many leasing companies as was looking for a space in a shopping center in and around the West cary area. While looking for various retail spaces,  we received a lot of rejections and setbacks as we had no existing retail business or a franchise to show for. No banks would even entertain us. But that all did not kill our dream.

NO” did not register with us and our instincts kept saying that we are gonna find something soon and we didn’t give up and kept on hunting for the right space and finally found it with the grace of God in one of Cary’s premier locations, Amberly Place Shopping Center 🙂 I can tell you today that we couldn’t be happier. God has a plan and we are happy for all the rejections we had to face as he wanted us to land at a better place  🙂

In parallel, we were talking to many Salon & Spa industry professionals, business owners, coaches, etc and most of them had discouraged us from pursuing this business as there are many hiccups that come with owning a retail business. Some were saying so from their own individual experiences as business owners where they didn’t see much value in it. Some were worried that we may fail as we are not from the industry and many new businesses fail in the first year itself. 

I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous the day we had to sign the lease as it was a multi-year commitment. There was a lot of our personal money to be spent in the upfit as we didn’t get any bank loans. I closed my eyes, keeping my deceased parents in thoughts and recalled some very encouraging words from my Dad. He had said to me once, “Don’t listen to anyone. Just close your eyes and listen to your heart”. And I listened to my heart and signed the lease with all positive thoughts.

And a new journey began. Spent several hours on many design iterations. Worked with a Logo & website design company. Hired an Architect to create the salon & spa architectural and MEP drawings to be approved from the Town of Cary which was quite a process but I’d say well worth it. After a few months, we finally received the permit and began the construction in Feb, 2020. Yes, right before the pandemic had hit and we had no choice but to pause construction in April, 2020. We could then resume the construction in June, 2020 and it was quite an experience and a journey to work with various contractors, companies and manufacturers on the salon & spa design elements, products, vendors and supplies, etc. We started hiring some well known, passionate Hair Stylists & Estheticians in the RTP area. We were finally able to open the Salon & Spa on September 8th, 2020 and couldn’t be happier.

Many of our guests, friends and relatives told us that it was quite a risk for us to open the business in the middle of a pandemic where many businesses were closing for good. But again, that did not register with us or bother us. We knew we were on the right track as we were doing all the right things and it was just a matter of some time. 

We saw about 70 guests in our first month and we were very proud of our Team for what we had achieved together. It’s been a 2 years now and we have seen over 13000+ guests. We are now a Top rated salon in the entire RTP area with 650+ 5 Star reviews between various platforms 🙂. This all could not happen without the support of my amazing husband Mike who is a customer service “Guru”, our beautiful Team members, and the support of our amazing guests that believed in us and continued to support us. 

One must pursue their dreams and listen to their instincts. Remember, it’s all about how you operate and treat people. Be it our Team or guests, we treat everyone with utmost respect and only want the best guest experience and chase excellence at Tina Vora Salon & Spa!

We are now on the hunt to expand our business and take it to the next level. Stay Tuned 😉

Thank you everyone for your time reading through our story.